hearing aids reedsport florence rochon dynamic
          hearing solutions

Serving ~ Florence, Reedsport, Lakeside and North Bend

From our Reedsport office, or "In Home" 

Corner of Winchester and 3rd

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Rick and Linda
Linda and Rick

hearing aids reedsport florence rochon dynamic
                    hearing solutions
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Reedsport -
Preferred office appointments
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
And by appointment other days when necessary.

Keeping our overhead low keeps your prices very low.
So, please excuse the answering machine when we are in an appointment.  
We will call you back at our earliest convenience

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"I didn't know what I was missing, - the sound of change in my pocket, or even the sound of the clip on the dog leash while walking our dogs." - Alan


Because of my own hearing loss I understand yours.

 We can find a solution for you.

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